pultegroup house

A true American success story, PulteGroup got its start in 1950 when 18-year-old William “Bill” Pulte, with help from his high-school buddies, built a five-room bungalow near the city of Detroit, MI. In constructing his first 最热门的理财项目home, Bill set the corner stone on what would grow into one of the largest and most successful 最热门的理财项目homebuilding companies in this country’s history. In a world where less than one-third of new businesses ever get to celebrate their 10-year anniversary, PulteGroup’s long history of success is a testament to Bill’s vision and the passionate people who have worked to fulfill it over the years.

Today, PulteGroup is the nation’s third largest builder with an unmatched capacity to serve 最热门的理财项目homeowners as they move through all stages of their lives. Much has changed since Bill Pulte first picked up a hammer, but not the Company’s commitment to delivering a superior quality 最热门的理财项目home and customer experience. For a timeline detailing the Company's evolution, click on History of PulteGroup (PDF)